Beauty Routines


Rachel Berry’s Evening Beauty Routine in Glee


On the recent Valentine’s Day themed episode of Glee “Heart”, Rachel Berry (played by Lea Michele) described her evening beauty routine.

“My ritual is pretty elaborate:
First I shower.  I’m more thorough than during my morning bath.  The world is a very dirty place!  Brush Teeth. Eyebrows. Makeup remover. Moisturizer. Followed by an ice water face bath à la Joan Crawford in ‘Mommy Dearest’ (the height of glamour!).  Find something cute to wear. Text my dads to let them know I am almost ready for my evening tea.  But we’ll skip that tonight.  Then… condition and brush my hair”

Hmmm, not that elaborate.  But some things seem out of step. How I would change her schedule:
1. Makeup Remover first. (its best to remove makeup before cleansing)
2. Brush teeth next, tooth paste can be irritating to skin, so you want to wash it off!
3. Then take a shower, where you can cleanse skin; wash and condition hair; and prepare skin for:
4. Eyebrows, because the warm shower will make plucking easier.
5. Do the ice water bath and finally
6. Apply moisturizer to seal in the water from the ice bath.

Sounds better to me!


So is this similar to your evening beauty routine?